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Heck bird, (100-300), cm, 1/19,5

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Production: Argentina

Latin name: Merluccius hubbsy

Average size: 164 - 233 g
Production date: November 2018.

Tare: 1/19,5,
The type of freezing: padded fillet, 6.5 kg unit x 3
Glazing: 3%
Type of cutting: without head, without tail, gutted.

Minimum order: 40 ft containers
Delivery time: 32 - 34 days
Payment terms: 30% prepayment and 70% within 10 days prior to arrival of container at destination port
International Treaty

The vendor provides a package of documents:


- Paking-sheet

- International veterinary certificate

- Form A (certificate of origin)

- Price list supplier

Specification for the supply of

- Bill of lading

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