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Modified: 19 November 2018

Sardinella HGT, frozen, 10+, 1/10, 95% net

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Produced By: China

Latin name: Sardinella longiceps

Average size: 11 - 15cm

Production date: September 2018

Tare weight: fixed weight 1/10

Type of freezing: block, 1*10

Net weight: 95%

Glazing: 5%

Type of cutting: HGT. Without head, without tail, gutted.

Container part

Delivery time: 31-37 day

Prepayment 30% of the cost of goods, 70% 10 days before the arrival of the container at the destination port

International contact

The plant is approved for export to the EU, Russia, Ukraine

Provide a package of documents:


- Paking-list;

- International veterinary certificate

- Form A;

- Price list Supplier;

- Specification to delivery;

- The copy of export Declaration

Big tuna, or Indian oily sardines (lat. Sardinella longiceps) is a species of ray-finned fish of the family clupeidae. These marine pelagic fish live in tropical waters of the Indian ocean between 25° and 7° N. lat. and between 57° and 81° E. Encountered at a depth of 200 m. the Body is fusiform, covered with cycloid scales; head naked. The maximum length of 23 cm Feed on plankton. Are the object of commercial fisheries

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