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  • Tuna (Bullet Tuna HGT), hgt, frozen, 100-200, 1/30

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Tuna (Bullet Tuna HGT), hgt, frozen, 100-200, 1/30

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Production: Ecuador
Latin name: Auxis Thazard, Auxis Rochei
Average size: 117-134гр.
Production date: June 2018.
Tare weight: no fixed weight of 1/30. Three units of 10kg.
Type of freezing: block
Glazing: 5%
Type of cutting: carcass
Minimum lot size: 25тонн
Delivery time: 35 to 41 days
Prepayment 30% of the cost of goods, 70% 7 days before the arrival of the container at the port of arrival.
The international contract.
The plant is approved for export to the EU, Russia, Ukraine

The plant is approved for export to the EU, Russia, Ukraine

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- Paking-sheet;

- International veterinary certificate

- Form A;

- Price list Supplier;

- Specification to delivery;

- The copy of export Declaration

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