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Tuna loins frozen, 1-3 Kg per piece, skinoff

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Scientific name: Thunnus albacares 
Producer: FRIME
Features: frozen prepared tuna loin in vacuum, skinoff 
Formate: several pieces per box. 
Box 6-10 kg approx. 
Extraction method: Extractive 
Fishing zone: Variable 
Kg/Loin: 1-3 Kg per piece 
Lifespan: 540 days after packaging. 
Conservation: Keep  under -18°C. Defrost at refrigeration temperature. Once defrosted don’t refreeze. Once  opened consum within 24 hours. Cook before consumption. 
 Codification/Lot: Internal criteria of the  company.  
 Intrastat code: 1604143

Nutrition facts
in 100 g of product 
386 kJ/91 Kcal 
0,85 g 
Fat of which saturates
0,12 g 

Carbohydrate0,12 g 
Carbohydrate of which sugars
<0,1 g
20,74 g 
0,38 g 

Product Details:

 PRODUCT TYPE(S): Halal, light, gluten free, GMO free, children, senior, kosher, OMEGA 3/4/6, lactose free,   

                                    low cholesterol, sugar free

COMPOSITION PACKAGING: Yellowfin tuna (FISH) Thunnus albacares, antioxidants E331 and E301, salt. 

                                                  Description: packed in cardboard box, dimensions: 580*270*130 mm; packaging:                                                     72 boxes per pallet 

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