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Goatfish, cm, HP, 50-120, 120-240, 240+, 1/20

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Production: Mauritania
Lat. name: Mullus Barbatus
Average size: M - from 120 to 240 gr. and G - 240+
Date of catch: January - March 2018.
Tare weight: fixed weight cartons up to 20kg.
Type of freezing: block, inline styling. In the box 2 unit of 10kg.
Glazing: 3%
Type of cutting: uncut
Delivery time: 22 to 27 days
Payment policy: a Deposit of 30% of the cost of goods, 70% after receiving the copy of bill of lading.

The company is certified in EU, Ukraine, Russia

The red mullet is a very tasty and tender meat, so it has been traded in the Mediterranean and Black seas.

The most popular of these fishes in Ancient Rome.

According to legend, a large red mullet were paid an equal amount of weight of silver.

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