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Modified: 5 December 2016

Tuna (Bonito), HP, cm, 200-400, 1/10

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Production: Ecuador
Latin name: AUXIS rochei as
Average size: 300 - 400gr.
Production date: August - December 2015.
Tare: fixed weight 1/10
The type of freezing: block
Glazing: 3%
Type of cutting: uncut
Container load
Delivery time: 35 to 41 days
Prepayment 30% of the cost of goods, 70% for 7 days, before the arrival of the container at the port of arrival.
The international contract.

The supplier provides a package of documents: Invoice; - Paking-sheet; - International veterinary certificate - Form A; - Price list Supplier; - Specification to delivery; - A copy of the export Declaration certified by chamber of Commerce

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