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Modified: 17 December 2018

Mackerel (Horse mackerel), cm, NR, 100-200 gr, 1/15

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Production: Morocco
Average size: 20.5 cm.
Production date: May - July 2014
Tare weight: fixed weight 1/24, 1/22, 1/20
Type of freezing: block, 2*12kg.; 2*11kg.; 2*10kg.
Glazing: 3%
Type of cutting: uncut
Container load
Delivery time: 21 days
Prepayment 30% of the cost of goods, 70% within 5 days after receiving the copy of bill of lading.
Imported contract.

Performed contract supply of fish capacity from 100T. and delivery time from 1 month. and more.

The vendor provides a package of documents:


- Paking-sheet;

- International veterinary certificate.

- Form A;

- Price list Supplier;

- Specification to delivery;

- Original Export Declaration.(you must return, by mail, within 15 days after the customs clearance the Supplier).

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