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Sea bass sm, BG, EF, 150+, 1/6

Wild fish!

Production: Mauritania
Lat. name: Dicentrarchus punctatus

Average size: 154 - 181 gr.

Type of cutting: headless gutted, oblique cut
Date of catch: Oct 2017.
Tare weight: fixed weight boxes - 6kg.
Type of freezing: Block, inline styling. In the box 2 units of 6kg.
Glazing: 3%

Delivery time: 22 - 26 days
Calculation rules: the Deposit of 30% of the cost of goods, 70% upon receipt the copy of bill of lading.

Dicentrarchus labrax is a species of ray-finned fish of the family Mironovich. Also common names of sea wolf, Conan, sea bass (from the English. sea bass is a name that spread through the Russian restaurant business), sea perch, less sea bass, Lubina (Spanish lubina), Branzino or Branzino, spigola, rano (from it. branzino, spigola, ragno)

The factory has Certification in EC, Ukraine, Russia

The vendor provides a package of documents:


- Paking-sheet;

- International veterinary certificate;

- Form A;

- Price list Supplier;

- Specification to delivery;

- The copy of Export Declaration

Type: Frozen
Category: Fish
Subcategory: Seabass
Country of origin: Mauritania
Size range: 150+
Basis place: CIF Port St. Petersburg / Kaliningrad / Novorossiysk, Russia
CIF port Odessa, Ukrain
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