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Red King Crab. Tip meat of Propodus shell off, BQF, cooked frozen, glazing

Red King Crab. Tip meat of Propodus.


Latin name: Paralithodes Camtschaticus.

Type of cutting: shell off (meat).

Type of production: cooked frozen.

Type of freezing: block (BQF).

Production date: July 2017.

Marked weight of boxes: 17,6 kg (8 blocks by 2,2 kg).

Glazing: 10 %.

Net weight without glazing (10 %) : 8 kg (8 x 2 kg).

Comments: we sell per pallets, Tip meat is packed with Large claw meat IQF,  Small claw meat in block and Salad meat in block.Total weight of one pallet is 401,28 kg.

The Goods are supported by the following documents: 

1. Russian Veterinary Health Certificate.

2. Russian Catch Certificate.

3. Invoice

4. Contract 

5. Specification of goods

6. Address of coldstorage: Daalimpex Velsen B.V., Velserkade 3, 1951 NK  Velsen-Noord, The Netherlands.

Type: Finished products
Category: Seafood
Subcategory: Crab
Country of origin: Russia
Size range: 4L
Basis place: EXW storage Daalimpex, Netherlands
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