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Red King Crab. Merus shell off, IQF, cooked frozen, glazing

Red King Crab. Merus.


Latin name: Paralithodes Camtschaticus.

Type of cutting: shell off (meat).

Type of production: cooked frozen.

Type of freezing: IQF (Individual Quick frozen).

Production date: July 2017.

Marked weight of boxes: 8,8 kg (4 packings by 2,2 kg).

Glazing: 10 %.

Net weight without glazing (10 %) : 8 kg (4 x 2 kg).

The Goods are supported by the following documents: 

1. Russian Veterinary Health Certificate.

2. Russian Catch Certificate.

3. Invoice

4. Contract 

5. Specification of goods

6. Address of coldstorage: Daalimpex Velsen B.V., Velserkade 3, 1951 NK  Velsen-Noord, The Netherlands.

Type: Finished products
Category: Seafood
Subcategory: Crab
Country of origin: Russia
Size range: 4L
Basis place: EXW storage Daalimpex, Netherlands
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