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Modified: 19 May 2019

Canadian lobster (lobster) The American lobster (Homarus americanus)

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Canadian lobster (lobster)

The American lobster (Homarus americanus)

SMALL CHIX 0,45-0,5
LARGE CHIX--0,5 0,567
QUARTERS 0,590-0,680
HALVES 0,680-0,793
SELECTS 0,793-0,907
SMALL DEUCES 0,9-1,133
LARGE DEUCES 1,133-1,360
3-4 (1,360 at 1.81)
4-6 (1,81-of 2.72)
6-9 (2,72-4,09)
MIXED CULLS (1 claw)

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