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Modified: 15 January 2017

Shrimp VM North, a 50-70pcs/kg, 1/5

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Production: Russia
Latin name: Pandalus Borealis
Production date: March 2015
Average size: 48-52 PCs/kg.
Packing: 5kg.
Term of storage: at a temperature of minus 25 - 8 months.
at a temperature of minus 18 - 6months.
Tare weight: fixed weight 5kg.
The type of freezing: IQF, 1*5kg.
Packing type: carton
Glazing: 3 %
Type of cutting: uncut, cooked, frozen
Catch area: Pacific ocean

Shrimp is processed and packaged directly in the courts the sea, in fishing area, that provides it high quality and maximum freshness. Wild shrimp, in contrast to farmed, farming shrimp contains no artificial supplements. In the production of boiled-frozen shrimp does not use preservatives. The product includes only shrimp and salt. The documents to supply: - Consignment Note (Torg-12) - Invoice - Commodity-transport waybill - Veterinary certificate - Certificate of quality

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