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Alaska Pollock fillets, s/m, 5% glaze, IQF, 8+

Production: China
Latin name: Theragra chalcogramma

Production date: July 2017

Tare weight: no fixed weight of 1/10kg.
The type of freezing: IQF.
Size: 8+
Type of cutting: fillet boneless, bessmertnoe

Food and energy value per 100 g. product: protein of 16.1 gr., fat - 1,12 gr. carbs and 0.19 g., the calorie content of 75 kcal/314 kJ.

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- Certificate of quality

Type: Fillet
Category: Fish
Subcategory: Alaska pollack
Country of origin: China
Size range: 8+
Basis place: EXW storage Saint-Petersburg, Russia
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