Trimming of tuna, BQF, 1/10

CFR port Saint-Petersburg / Kaliningrad / Novorossiysk, Russia

 3.030 / kg

lot from 15 000 kg

Purpleback flying squid, fillet, 1/20

CFR port Saint-Petersburg / Kaliningrad / Novorossiysk,...

 1.740 / kg

lot from 25 000 kg

Moonfish, frozen, wr, 150-250, 1/10, 10%

CFR port Saint-Petersburg / Kaliningrad / Novorossiysk,...

 1.080 / kg

lot from 25 000 kg

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The fish and seafood wholesaler industry is a bit old fashioned. Many of them still work with spreadsheets, telephones and fax machines. We created Yorso to streamline the web experience of B2B buying and selling for fisheries, processors, distributors, and HoReCa.

We use a full set of online sales tools to optimize the supply chain from end-to-end. Our online B2B fish and seafood wholesale marketplace operates in close collaboration with CRM system designed to work with many different species, volumes, stocks, and Incoterms 2010.

These tools automate commercial transactions through a variety of platforms including Email marketing, Facebook, a LinkedIn integration, and communication with messenger apps to expedite and simplify document exchange — from industry packing lists to proforma invoices.

Yorso’s cloud-based order-processing tool allows buyers and sellers in the fish industry to integrate directly with their own ERP systems to manage articles, stocks, species, sales, production, and quality. Special logistics tenders preserve optimal temperature conditions during seafood and fish shipping, and for additional piece of mind, every order includes insurance.
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