We increase the wholesale sales of fish and seafood with the complex online and offline promotion

Get access to the sales platform for free

Blockchain based legal electronic document exchange with smart contracts

Database of 2.500+ b2b customers buying seafood wholesale from 10 tons

Convenient automated platform allowing to place the goods for your target audience.

The means used to increase sales for fish and seafood suppliers

Customer database

Our platform has a large database of large wholesale seafood and fish buyers, who need good offers every day

International market

At the moment we are working with 7 countries of the world and are actively working to expand the number of countries ready to buy seafood via our platform

24/7 orders

The platform works round-the-clock, which will allow you to receive orders from other time zones and countries.

Customer notifications

After the product is published in the platform, your customers will receive an instant notification

Product presentation

Publish data on your products, upload photos of the goods, describe the details of supplies and transaction financial side.

Work with customer requests

A lot of customers search for suppliers and create requests directly in the platform. You can only voice your proposal!

What you get working on Yorso

24/7 WEB-platform

Present your product, notify customers about new products and price changes. The platform is supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are ready to answer your questions any time.

Complex promotion

Complex promotion of your product on the market, meetings and negotiations with wholesale buyers. And also any services on the organization of your products sales.

Sales and logistics

We are responsible for the building logistics process and help to improve the methods and sales process of your managers.

Safe transactions

We check all registered buyers for tax "cleanliness", arbitration cases, bankruptcy, etc. Also we make a check on the unfair buyers register

Reduce of transactional costs

We automate key business process and provide single point of communications between managers, logistics and accountants


All orders and finance transactions are insured on Yorso which brings additional level of safety

How market works now

Importer buys from the manufacturer

Purchase price 1$/kg

Shipping and customs clearance

Delivery by CFR SPB and customs $0,23

Markup for import and delivery to the buyer

The importer's income is 0.19$/kg. Delivery to the buyer 0,05$/kg.

Acceptance at the buyer's warehouse

The final price for the buyer is $1.47/kg

When working with us the buyers save up to 15% of the total transaction amount
Therefore it is more profitable for them to work with those who are represented on Yorso

What Yorso does?

  • We will choose a reliable supplier
  • We will prepare all the necessary documents
  • We will build a logistics system
  • We will solve the issues of customs clearance
  • Full transparency of operations thanks to blockchain
  • We will allocate managers for transaction support

We pledge a real benefit for you - 3-10%

Receiving the goods at their destination

Few facts about us

12 years on b2b fish and seafood market, since 2014 - working on Yorso

More than 2500 b2b customers

Unlimited supply of products per month

We work with 7 countries of the world



使用Yorso现代推广技术和人工智能将有助于找到世界各地的目标买家. .( 此外,通过减少销售环节和中介环节, 您将会拥有额外收益高达3-10%与目前情况相比




我们很仔细观察平台上产品的质量保证. 这就是为什么我们检查每个供应商的偿付能力和商业史


操作的透明性是我主要任务,我们一直让您在平台上知道关于订购业务进展。 我们使用具有法律意义电子文件服务系统,您的文件不存在丢失问题和我们将会把文件备案. 此外,您将有一位个人员工,总是乐于回答所有出现的问题


账务和订单都会在系统中有备份. 因此您可以放心任何文件都不会丢失或被他人更改, 这将会使平台与生产商关系增加信任度


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